Afterlife: Daniel One and Two

Saturday, February 17 at 11:00 p.m.

Scene from Afterlife: Daniel One and Two

Daniel, a shy and awkward boy in his early twenties, is having his first ever date. His mum (Saskia Reeves) is delighted and leaves the young couple alone together. But when she comes back, Daniel’s girlfriend is lying, terrified, in a pool of her own blood. Robert and Alison are visiting a hospital psychiatric unit. After her accident several years ago, Alison spent some time in psychiatric care and Robert hopes that the visit will help her confront her painful memories. On the ward Alison meets Daniel who has been there since his girlfriend was attacked. He desperately tries to persuade Alison that he wasn’t the one responsible for the assault, that it was the other Daniel, Daniel Two. The doctors have diagnosed Daniel as a pathologically violent schizophrenic, convinced that Daniel Two is a figment of his imagination, but Alison isn’t so sure. She thinks the more Daniel is drugged by the well-meaning doctors, the more vulnerable he is to the malevolent spirit of Daniel Two.

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