The average American watches 35 hours of television a week. That’s 1,820 hours a year. This figure does not include streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, or and

As a member of SOPTV, I’m sure your television viewing is probably not “average.”  That’s why, when you are seeking something worth watching, you tune to SOPTV.

While we all have a favorite program on commercially supported television, it is stunning (if not numbing!) to realize the average viewer pays for that programming by watching more than 30,000 minutes of commercials each year. That’s over 500 hours!

But, thanks to your support, SOPTV is based on a different model. We begin and end with you in mind. We respect your curiosity and capacity to understand issues. Public TV programming is carefully researched — we double-check sources and identify the best stories. Programs are “polished” until we’re sure you’ll find watching the program to be the best possible investment of your time.

That’s why SOPTV counts on your voluntary contributions to help us pay for the programming you enjoy.

That’s also why we want to know what you want to see on SOPTV. Every May we conduct a “Member Preference Survey” — find it on page 31 of this issue of Inside SOPTV or on our website at Please take advantage of this opportunity to let us know what you think about SOPTV’s programming service. Then please rate our responsiveness to you and offer suggestions about how we can improve SOPTV’s services so we become even more valuable to you.

We will not only act on your comments — we’ll enter your name to win our “Dinner and a Movie” drawing for a gift basket full of PBS/SOPTV movies, popcorn, and a $100 gift card to Porters Dining at the Depot Restaurant in Medford. Please reply by June 10. I will report back to you what we have learned in the August and September issues.

Thank you for supporting SOPTV — we couldn’t do it without your help!

With gratitude,

Mark Stanislawski

President & CEO


  1. James Braden Jordan

    Thank you for helping me see, and hear (:I love your audio, NPR too:)!, how amazing life is! (:The formula for health, and happiness, for all animals, is the more water we drink before we get excersise, is directly relative to how much health and happiness we get, is also realative to how much we breath, when we excersise! See for yourself!@(:

  2. Diane Newell Meyer

    Love most all of the programming, especially masterpiece, mystery (almost all of them!),Nature, Nova, American experience, Oregon field guide, Rick Steves, Ken Burns, Independent lens. Also Newshour and Democracy Now. Not fond of some of the music, like Austen city limits, music for the fund drives, Saturday shows, and rehashes of WW 11 weapons and ships stuff. Am watching Renee Flemming in Rusalka now.
    Am especially fond of A Place to call Home, and I love the new one “800”.


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