Ruch Translator Site Damaged

Viewers in Ruch may notice a weak signal–Vandals broke three of four solar panels that power the site last weekend. We will replace them when we are able.

Looking for Thank-You Gifts?

We do not have specific thank-you gifts posted on our website. Please enter your gift request and the show you watched in the comments field on our pledge forms. Remember that it takes 6 to 8 weeks to process your … Continued

Missed a Downton Abbey Episode?

On February 28, starting at noon, get caught up on the first 8 episodes of Downton Abbey Season 6 in an all-day marathon. You can also watch them online within 14 days of broadcast at

Broadcast Issues Sunday, January 17

Our engineer is looking into the problems experienced over the weekend. If you missed Episode 3 of Downton Abbey, it will be rebroadcast next Sunday, January 24 at 8 p.m. It is also in our overnight schedule for Tuesday, January … Continued

NEW Web Extras

Did you notice the new tab on our website menu called Web Extras? The content changes often, but right now you can learn about sharks, find a great recipe for dinner, and watch clips and full episodes from this year’s … Continued

Interview on The DOVE

Perry Atkinson did a fantastic job in his interview on The DOVE with My Story of Service producer Jeff LeBeau, along with Andy Draper and Jeff Tablor. Watch the interview here:


Reserve your seat today! SOPTV and VA SORCC will be showing a special preview June 19th from 2 p.m.–4 p.m. in the VA SORCC Theater located at 8495 Crater Lake Hwy. White City, Oregon 97503 Space is limited RSVP:

Matthew McConnell

Matthew McConnell
Baritone Singer (South Medford High School)
Season 8, Episode 5
Matthew McConnell is in his senior year at South Medford High School.  He has been very active in his school choir program, singing in the Chamber Choir and Vocal Jazz Ensembles … Continued

SOPTV Needs Your Artwork

Have you taken a photo that captures the beauty of Southern Oregon?
Have you brushed a painting that expresses love for your hometown?
Have you created a print that communicates the majesty of our region?

Please share your artwork with our viewers! Your … Continued

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To help us troubleshoot the source of your problem, please provide us with as much information as you can when you fill out the contact form below.
Your name, e-mail, and phone number
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