Behind the Scenes at SOPTV

This month I want to update you on a few things happening behind the scenes at SOPTV.
New Database. We are in the final stages of moving to new membership software. SOPTV will be working with our colleagues at WGBH-Boston to bring the new system up during this month. Our current membership software is no longer supported and is over 20 years old.
The new software will help us manage sustaining memberships, which have become a very popular means to make a generous gift to SOPTV. Don’t know what a sustaining membership is? Sustaining members can spread their gifts out over an entire year—for example, a $120 annual membership is 12 payments of $10 a month that is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account.
The new software will also enable SOPTV to introduce PBS Passport, a new online service that will provide SOPTV members who give $60 or more per year extended access to our programming on demand. We plan to initiate this service around mid-November, so watch for details.
Gold Hill Is Golden! Perhaps you saw the premiere of Our Town: Gold Hill during our September membership drive. Nearly 70 people requested DVDs of the hour-long program, which combined a historical and travelog approach to the community of Gold Hill. Our social media was abuzz with “likes,” comments, and shares as we promoted the program with clips online. We hope to be able to tell the story of your community over the coming years. Production costs vary from $15,000–$20,000. This fall, we are already making plans for our next Our Town special.
Volunteers Help Us Succeed. Behind the scenes at SOPTV, many people volunteer to help make programs like Our Town happen. On our live pledge nights, the hosts, camera crews, audio operators, and floor directors are all volunteers. The phones are answered by community groups who give us their time and energy, and everyone is fed by local restaurants who donate gourmet meals and dessert. After pledge, volunteers make phone calls and address post cards and envelopes. Space prohibits individually thanking all the people who work behind the scenes, but we deeply appreciate everything that they do. If you would like to volunteer, give us a call!
With gratitude,
Mark Stanislawski
President & CEO

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