Diversity at Southern Oregon Public Television

Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV) is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All employment is based on personal capacities and qualifications without discrimination as established by law. SOPTV takes extra efforts to recruit and employ members of ethnic minority groups, women, veterans and disabled individuals for all open positions. Copies of our employment profile and recruitment activities for open positions are listed on our website in our Public Inspection Files.

2017 Diversity Plan
SOPTV recognizes a talented and diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage for our organizational success. Our diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, physical abilities, political beliefs and other ideologies. We believe the wide array of unique and multiple perspectives that results from such diversity allows us to fulfill our mission to serve our community.

To accomplish this goal SOPTV has established these goals:

  • To recruit and hire diverse individuals by utilizing a variety of employment sources to publicize openings;
  • Establishing an intern program from area colleges to find and hire individuals that represent the diversity of our community;
  • Seek candidates for our Board of Directors and Community Advisory Board that represent the geographical and demographical composition of the communities we serve.

For the period of July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, SOPTV’s workforce was 38% female and 62% male. The staff is 100% Caucasian. SOPTV is headquartered in Medford, which is 88% Caucasian. There has been very low turnover over the past six years.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of seven members, 29% of which are female and 71% are males. The Board is multigenerational, representative of the population centers in our service area, and includes one Native American member.

Our Community Advisory board has nine members, of which 33% are female and 67% are male. The Community Advisory board is also multigenerational and representative of our service area, and includes one African American.

Approved by the Board of Southern Oregon Public Television on January 26, 2017