Henry DesCamp, ten years old, has been making jewelry since he was five. He loves talking about stones, wire wrapping & earrings. His favorite part though, is putting it all together into his own creations. Over the years his grandmother has taught him many techniques being a jeweler herself. Sharing this craft is one of their favorite things to do together.

Henry is a student at the Siskiyou school in Ashland. He is very motivated to developed his art because jewelry is a great birthday and holiday gift for those he loves. Around each New Year Henry sells his art at an annual fundraiser for victims of sex trafficking. At this time he donates 70% of the proceeds to this cause. Henry has found great satisfaction in the giving of his gifts to love ones as well as raising money for those in need. Henry doesn’t know if this will simply remain a hobby as he grows up… maybe it will become a profession. He just wants to keep doing it because it brings him joy.