Here are more episodes from the 2014 season of Immense Possibilities.


Justice For and By Youth

Youth Courts and Accountability Circles are one of the most powerfully effective parts of the emerging Restorative Justice movement. Teenage offenders are challenged by juries of their peers, and by caring yet insistent adult volunteers, to make things right for their victims and their community.

How Do Arts Build Community?

Painting, sculpting, dancing, music, performing and spoken-word arts—they engage and inspire a lot of people, but are they really building healthier, more vibrant and functional communities?  The answer, our guests clearly show us, is “yes.”

Smart Reading

Discover the magic of one adult, one child, one book and one hour a week. With a commitment of just one hour a week, volunteers all over Oregon are offering young children a gift that can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and advantages: confidence and competency in reading.


The Cycling Vision

A small vehicle supports big visions for healthier communities.  It’s no secret that bicycles are becoming more popular and widespread in just about every community.  What are the long-term visions and surprising social inventions of those on the front edge of cycling movement? Guests from Portland and southern Oregon talk about their visions for the future of bicycling from economics to access.

Scholarships That Matter

Scholarships offer life-changing opportunities to people ready to make the most of them. Few investments in people and communities pay off better than those that connect ambitious, hard-working people with modest amounts of money to open the doors of higher education. In most cases, one good chance is all they need.


Children’s Theatre

Explore the fun and transformational magic of theatre programs for children. When you look around for initiatives that build healthy communities in a sure and durable way, that strengthen kids to meet all kinds of life challenges, that excite and engage everyone who comes near, and that are just plain fun, it’s hard to beat Children’s Theatre.


Facing and Healing Grief

The death of a loved one can feel like a life-crushing experience. Growing numbers of volunteers have the skill and dedication to guide kids and adults through this painful gateway to a fuller life of healthy acceptance and reclaiming a vital part of the human experience.  Guests:  Winterspring (Medford) and the Dougy Center (Portland).

Enabling Families to Live Well

Quiet, straightforward, effective work is underway in our communities to give families the counsel and support they need to raise children to healthy, satisfying adulthood. It’s not fancy or mysterious—it’s just remarkably powerful. Guests: Family Nurturing Center (Medford) and others.

One Kid at a Time: One-to-One Mentoring

A look at the extraordinary power of one-to-one mentoring. The adults who volunteer to mentor say they’re never the same again, and the children they support thrive beyond all normal expectations. Guests: Citizens for Safe Schools (Klamath Falls) and Oregon Mentors (Portland).


Environmental Education: Learning Our Place

Why does environmental education make such a profound difference and transform kids of all ages? “By bringing nature into our lives, we invite humility”, says author and guest Richard Louv. Other guests: The Siskiyou Field Institute, Pinehurst Middle School, the Klamath Outdoor Science School and environmental educator Michael Klubock.


Why Local Matters: Economic Localization

Taking a look at the power of economic localization, the interest in local food, local finance and local enterprise generally is growing in step with mounting anxieties about the nation’s economic, social and environmental health. Is it a thoughtful, well-grounded response or short-term fad?