Immense Possibilities, Season 2

Main Street Alliance

Aired: 06/14/2013 26:50 Rating: NR
Owners of small enterprises across the country, including here in southern Oregon, are banding together to voice a very different view on “what’s good for business.”


Community-Building Media

Aired: 05/17/2013 26:45 Rating: NR
What can radio and online newspapers accomplish when their #1 goal is to make their community stronger and more enjoyable?


Youth Take the Reins of Leadership

Aired: 05/11/2013 26:33 Rating: NR
Twenty-somethings are beginning to grab the reins of leadership with brilliant creativity, passion and imagination. The future is in wonderful hands.


Slow Money

Aired: 05/03/2013 26:36 Rating: NR
What if there were a way for people to invest some of their savings, not in Wall Street, but in their own community’s food and business enterprises? Find out how.


Helping Elders Stay in Their Homes

Aired: 04/26/2013 26:43 Rating: NR
Community groups are forming to provide the relatively simple services their elderly neighbors need to continue living in their own homes.


Childbirth as Affirmation

Aired: 04/19/2013 26:34 Rating: NR
More and more American births are scheduled surgical procedures. The cost to women, babies, and the initial stage of parenting has been drastic, say childbirth activists who are dedicated to reversing the trend.


Citizen Peacemaking

Aired: 04/12/2013 26:33 Rating: NR
“It’s too important to leave to political leaders” That is how millions of people see the task of making peace among nations, and Rotary International is on the front line.


Community Health Clinics

Aired: 04/05/2013 26:42 Rating: NR
Community health clinics weave together quality professional service, trained volunteer assistance, and community generosity to make adequate, cost-effective health care available to everyone. Find out about health care the way it can be, and a community of musicians joining to help make it happen.


Supporting Girls: Path to Adulthood

Aired: 03/29/2013 26:39 Rating: NR
With patience, appreciation and acceptance, women are finding ways to help girls through the thickets of adolescence to self-assured adulthood. We visit with founders, volunteers, and the grounded, dignified, adventuresome girls of the Rose Circle Mentoring Network.


How Film Festivals Build Community

Aired: 02/22/2013 26:46 Rating: NR
Explore the surprisingly powerful way that small film festivals have created a stronger sense of community in southern Oregon and elsewhere.


Land Trusts: Protecting Resources

Aired: 03/22/2013 26:19 Rating: NR
Combine creative legal tools with old-fashioned relationship building – the result is conservation of priceless natural resources that used to be the focus of bitter struggle.


Lifeart: Guiding At-Risk Youth

Aired: 03/08/2013 26:40 Rating: NR
One man’s patience and creative generosity decisively change the lives of troubled teens who are easy to write off as “gang members.” Guiding at-risk kids to their expressive voices, one local educator helps graffiti vandals move their art from walls to canvas, and changes their lives.


Bee Keeping: Connectors of Sustainability

Aired: 03/01/2013 26:54 Rating: NR
Bees are the irreplaceable centerpiece of healthy sustainable agriculture, and for some, a profoundly satisfying practice. How can we help the bees survive?


Crossing the Political Divide

Aired: 02/08/2013 26:38 Rating: NR
With so much talk about building bridges between old political foes…what actually works? Some leaders know how to put down their partisan daggers and work together for the common good. Southern Oregon has a particularly notable pair. Meet State Representatives Dennis Richardson and Peter Buckley. How do they do it?


Children and Nature

The work of reconnecting kids to the natural environment is ongoing and crucial.


Facing Child Sexual Abuse

Aired: 01/25/2013 28:40 Rating: NR
Sexual abuse thrives in darkness and shame. Now adult survivors of abuse, resourceful professionals and passionately dedicated volunteers are standing together to protect our children in more effective ways. Meet a pioneer in the healing of adult survivors of abuse, and then explore the Children’s Advocacy Center, where present-day victims find loving support to begin their healing.


The Co-operative Economy

Aired: 01/11/2013 28:45 Rating: NR
Member-owned cooperative businesses now account for 100 million jobs and trillions of dollars of spending each year. Rogue Co-ops, a partnership of four popular cooperative businesses, is paving the way towards a vibrant new model for economic life.


GMO Foods & Agriculture

Aired: 01/18/2013 28:11 Rating: NR
The network of people who believe that genetically modified foods threaten our health, farmlands, and local economies is growing. Jeffrey Smith, author of SEEDS OF DECEPTIONS and both the book and film GENETIC ROULETTE, is its compelling spokesman.


Pushing Back Against Foreclosure

Aired: 12/07/2012 28:17 Rating: NR
Enough, say more and more community activists, who are keeping more and more people threatened with foreclosure in their homes. Meet the co-founder and executive director of southern Oregon’s Project Economy.


The World Is Our Community

Aired: 02/01/2013 29:20 Rating: NR
“Building community” is a global proposition for some people. They believe they’re the “somebody” in “Somebody ought to do something about….” Meet two southern Oregonians who make it their personal business to worry about the suffering of people halfway around the world.


End-of-Life Conversations

Aired: 01/04/2013 28:46 Rating: NR
A local physician and devoted volunteers establish COHO (Choosing Options Honoring Options) to help families talk clearly about end-of-life decisions. When we take the time, COHO believes, to thoughtfully consider such choices well in advance of health care crises, meaningful and fulfilling closing life experiences can and do result.


Amy Goodman: The Voice of Democracy Now!

Aired: 12/28/2012 27:50 Rating: NR
While in the area for her book tour promoting “The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope,” Amy Goodman, creator and co-host of “Democracy Now!,” dropped by to visit with Jeff Golden in SOPTV’s studios while on her 100-City speaking tour. She discusses some of the issues that affect our local community.


A New Story of Community & Economic Reality

Aired: 11/23/2012 28:39 Rating: NR
A new story of community and economic “reality” from author Charles Eisenstein who wrote “Ascent of Humanity” and “Sacred Economics.” He traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism. Also featured is local documentary filmmaker Katie Teague and a preview of her film, “Money and Life.”


The Bullying Epidemic

Aired: 11/30/2012 28:28 Rating: NR
Volunteers and professionals empower kids to safeguard their own circles from physical and emotional violence. Excerpts and clips from major media interests are examined. Local guests include Grant Williams from The Edge; students Brandon Calhoun and Kayita Kaur from Phoenix High School who participated in The Edge; and Shawna Blanchette, vice principal from Phoenix High.


Homeless and Runaway Youth

Aired: 11/16/2012 28:28 Rating: NR
The Maslow Project and others find ways to offer a future to children who’ve already had a life’s worth of hard times.


The Welcome Home Continues

Aired: 11/09/2012 28:40 Rating: NR
The daunting task of welcoming home and supporting war veterans continues with dedicated professionals and volunteers making a huge difference. Featured are Klamath County’s trailblazing “Veterans Court,” and a visit and musical interlude with Bob Eaton, the Vietnam combat vet who starred in the film, “The Welcome.”


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