Local programs start with engaged and generous supporters like you! Over the years, we’ve presented you with local programming concerning your health and well-being, spotlighted the organizations that make our community a great place to live, showcased local artists, encouraged our youth, shared the stories of our local veterans and told the history of our southern Oregon heritage.

In addition to renewing your vital annual support of SOPTV’s programming and traditional services to the community, you can make an additional investment in SOPTV’s Local Productions.  These special programs can only be found on SOPTV.

SOPTV’s local productions recognize those interests and concerns that are unique to the people and communities of southern Oregon and northern California, including our history, culture, heritage, natural treasures, and exceptional individuals — both young and old.

Below is a list of programs and projects that are planned for the upcoming year.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.12.45 PMImmense Possibilities

Now entering its fifth year, Immense Possibilities is our weekly show that visits with guests whose social creations are building vibrant communities. They’re solving challenges that the old systems can’t. They’re infusing others with realistic hope and inviting them to come alive to volunteer and participate in southern Oregon’s communities. Each community organization that has been showcased has seen an immediate infusion of interest, donations, and volunteers to help further the good that they accomplish in the community. Produced and hosted by Jeff Golden, Immense Possibilities airs on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. Call 541-779-0808 to donate to Immense Possibilities or to become a production underwriter.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.15.16 PMMy Story of Service

Each powerful episode features one or two local veterans who tell personal stories of their military service. Coming from a variety of wars, branches of service and backgrounds, they describe why they joined, their enlistment and boot camp experiences, their deployment and what happened when they arrived back home again. Stories range from a few humorous circumstances and little known facts about interesting historical moments to describing the memories and sometimes demons that haunt them. For season 2, we would like to create at least 12 half-hour programs. Call 541-779-0808 to make a donation or to become a sponsor.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.16.04 PMStudent Showcase

Students in southern Oregon have talent, and SOPTV’s Student Showcase series aims to prove it. Now in its ninth season, SOPTV has created over 70 Student Showcase features thanks to community support.  Over the years, features have covered students who sing, dance, recite Shakespeare, debate, orate, and play musical instruments. The series has also covered student athletes in gymnastics and basketball, artisans in woodworking, welding, and ceramic arts; and animal husbandry and livestock performance experts in such diverse areas as milk goats, horse gymkhana, and reining. Call 541-779-0808 to support more Student Showcase programs.

For more information about supporting current and future local programs that expand local services, please contact Mark Stanislawski at 541.779.5602 or mark[at]soptv.org

If you are interested in providing major funding with an on-air acknowledgment, please contact Robert Mead at 541-779-5653.