Media Asset Coordinator

Job Title:                     Media Asset Coordinator

Department:                 Content & Services

Reports To:                  Director of Content & Services

Position open until filled.

The Results

The community identifies with SOPTV due to the quality of our on-air presence.  Success is measured by the quality of the air product and the seamless presentation of the programs and station breaks with informative and engaging content.  Underwriting clients are more likely to renew because of the high quality service they receive for their on-air credits.  The community knows who SOPTV is due to the quality of our on-air presence.  

The Environment

The environment is casual, yet we keep a professional demeanor.  This can be a high pressure job especially during pledge months.  You need to be able to keep up with your duties and be self-motivated.  Some of your work is repetitive; however, there is opportunity for developing inventive work flow procedures.

You will work closely with other media asset coordinators and engineers to manage the station’s media assets and to resolve procedural difficulties, particularly as reported on the “Discrepancy Report” sheets.  You will work within your department and with other departments to refine operating procedures, resolve systemic issues, and provide assistance when the workload becomes heavy.  You will work with other media asset coordinators to make certain that all required shifts are covered.  Prior approval from the Director of Content & Services is required for all overtime.

In addition to your routine duties, you must be able to assist other departments including outreach & project manager, production manager and the continuity/web producer.

Desired Skills and Performance levels

  • Computer literate, detail-oriented, organized, manage time well, self-starter, able to multi-task and prioritize, and meets deadlines. Type 30 words per minute;
  • Data Entry experience – in trafficking software i.e. Pro-Track (Promos, Underwriters, Filler, Interstitials).
  • Knowledge of: video analog tape and digital server playback and record operations;   Satellite and internet delivery systems;  Transmitter operating procedures; And routing switcher and master control switchers.
  • Familiar with automation equipment, operations and procedures, specifically the Nverzion and Omneon software and systems
  • Knowledge of FCC rules regarding TV broadcast operations
  • Prior experience in the use of program logs
  • Pro Track software experience or other comparable scheduling software
  • Have good communication skills and a team player
  • Has at least two years of professional work experience, preferably in public TV.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Ability to discern appropriate audience for promotions.
  • Able to work independently with little or no supervision, and at prescribed start time.
  • Has an appreciation for the mission and programming of SOPTV.

The Work Responsibilities Include

(But are not limited to)

  1. Develop and coordinate multiple SOPTV channels’ programming logs, schedule data, interstitials and procedural materials for publication and activation.
  2. Schedule and create record log at least 24 hours in advance.  Up-date record logs for TRT discrepancies on a daily basis.
  3. Anticipate pre-scheduling of programs and record dates, including researching air date reports to ensure accuracy in air date schedules and programs.
  4. Using the air date report and scheduling grid: schedule records for programs, assigns media IDs, locate programming from other PBS stations.
  5. Using the PBS First Class,, Protrack Knowledge Base and The Source intranets, check for program discrepancies, program flags, advisories and refeeds, program content, TRT up-dates to ensure appropriate program scheduling is performed.
  6. Schedule pledge program breaks and insure pledge programs are available for air.
  7. Responsible for uploading and downloading programs for other stations.
  8. Keep abreast of broadcasting news, information and technology.
  9. Report problems and errors to Content & Services staff.  Write accurate descriptions of technical impairments and blame neutral descriptions of human procedural errors.
  10. Call engineer or IT manager on duty in the event of systems failure.
  11. Operate video tape record/playback equipment and DVD recorder/players/duplicators to make inter-format copies (dubs).  Formats include Sony Betacam.
  12. Operate master routing and control switcher, digital satellite integrated receiver-decoders and on air graphics systems.
  13. Coordinate live broadcast operations with production control room.
  14. Ingest interstitial and program material into the video file server for playback during manned and unattended operation.  Delete no longer needed elements from the video file server.  Ascertain proper archive of program elements into the archive server.
  15. Make daily ascertainment of status of video file server systems.
  16. Perform other miscellaneous and special duties as assigned by the Director of Content and Services and / or the Manager of Programming and Operations.
  17. Hours flexible, but, in addition to normal 8 hour weekdays, a work week may often include 6pm to 10pm and Saturdays or Sundays.

To Apply

Submit a cover letter outlining how your training, experience and accomplishments meet or exceed the required qualifications and skills, along with a detailed resume.

Apply via e-mail: using this subject line: “Media Asset Coordinator – Your Last Name”

or at:

Human Resources
28 South Fir Street, Ste. 200
Medford , OR 97501

Southern Oregon Public Television is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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