Molly of Denali Pre-screening at the Medford Library

SOPTV and the Jackson County Library System have partnered to offer a special pre-screening of the new PBSKids show, MOLLY OF DENALI. This event is free and open to the public.

Event Details

Wednesday, July 10 at 2:30 p.m.
Storytelling Room, Medford Library

Come watch 3 episodes of the new show, and enjoy popcorn, drinks and giveaways!

About the Program

Get ready to sled into fun with MOLLY OF DENALI! Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, her dog Suki, and friends Tooey and Trini on their adventures in epically beautiful Alaska. And along the way, Molly’s life is enhanced, kept on track, and flat-out SAVED by maps, guide books, websites, weather reports, and more.

MOLLY OF DENALI is designed to help kids ages 4-8 develop knowledge and skills for interacting with informational texts through video content, interactive games, and real-world activities. A foundational aspect of literacy education, informational texts are designed to convey information, and include written words, images, and oral language. In each episode, Molly’s life and adventures are enhanced, illuminated, and broadened by using and creating a variety of informational texts, including books, online resources, field guides, historical archives, indigenous knowledge from elders, maps, charts, posters, photos, and more. Molly also shares the information that she gathers through a vlog, offering short-form videos in which she shares aspects of her life in Alaska with kids in the lower 48 states and around the world.
MOLLY OF DENALI debuts on SOPTV Monday, July 15.

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