Oregon Art Beat: Oregon Painters

Thursday, July 12 at 8:00 p.m.

Image from Oregon Art Beat: Oregon Painters

Matthew Dennison – Matthew Dennison’s paintings are approachable even as they question our assumptions about the world. His bright colors and blocky, naive shapes make the paintings accessible while grappling with real-life events, frequently drawn from Matthew’s obsession with world news and intuition that everything is connected.

Olga Volchkova – Eugene Trained as an icon painter and conservator, Russian artist Olga Volchkova combines her knowledge of Orthodox iconography and her love of botany to create contemporary icon paintings with a twist. http://jsma.uoregon.edu/olga Darren Orange –

(Astoria) Darren Orange is a painter in Astoria. He’s inspired by the ocean, a shipwreck on the Astoria coast, and the colors around him. PM Shore – PM Shore paints stylized and representational pictures of city neighborhoods all over Portland. She loves buildings and scenery, and occasionally includes people in her paintings. Her canvases are large, and she likes bright colors.

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