Oregon Art Beat: A Passage to Oregon

Thursday, June 21 at 8:00 p.m.

Painting by Anton Pavlenko

Shadow Machine – The Los Angeles animation house behind BoJack Horseman and Jeff and Some Aliens opens a new office in Portland to dive into the deep animation talent pool in the NW. {Slade}

Anton Pavlenko – Anton Pavlenko was well-known as a highly detailed, plein-air painter. After he took a months-long break from painting to build a tiny house, he returned to his art with a surprising passion for abstract work. He’s finding himself in a brand new creative world, where he uses brush strokes and inspiration from the outdoors to create canvases that don’t resemble what he sees, but rather attempt to show how he’s feeling. We follow him through a Plein Air event in the Columbia Gorge, and see him painting near his home and in his studio as he shares his story about coming to America as a refugee, and his ever-evolving process with us.

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