PBS Teacher Community Program

PBS & SOPTV believes in the power of teachers to reach, inspire, and motivate!

PBS pioneered the use of media as a learning tool, first in homes, and now the classroom.

PBS Teacher Community Program is a grassroots initiative that will harness our unique strengths, and valuable local knowledge to help educators level the playing field for their students. PBS & SOPTV believe in the wisdom of those who know the community best, so they’re enrolling local experts, businesses, service organizations, and education collaborators to bring insight to the program.

At SOPTV, our Teacher Ambassador, Ben Garcia, is working with PBS and local teachers to overcome obstacles and create meaningful opportunities for teachers to enhance their practice. The opportunities will give teachers access to: professional development training; meetups and community events; as well as virtual field trips, webinars, and workshops!

We believe in teachers, and we know you do, too. With the shared love of learning, and the power of a caring, connected community, you won’t believe what we can do together.

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