Pledge & Local Studio Production Internship

Onsite Supervisor & Contact

Production Manager
541-779-0808 (x245)

Students who may be interested in this internship include those with majors/minors in media studies, television production, and theater.
The intern will have completed entry level courses in TV production including Studio, Lighting, and Sound before they begin their Southern Oregon Public Television internship. Over the course of the live pledge and in-studio productions, students will gain progressive exposure to and experience with live studio production, beginning with studio observation and progressing to the operation of camera and sound equipment.
In this internship, students will learn the fundamental relationship of pledge to public television for fundraising. They will understand the scripting and production breaks for live and taped broadcasts.

Students will gain technical skills in lighting, sound, and set requirements for public television productions. They will acquire studio experience with Southern Oregon Public Television camera, audio, graphics, floor directing, and lighting, including hands-on work with camera and sound.
Students will gain appreciation of team dynamics required for successful live productions and facilitate same as needed.

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