Translator Equipment Switch

****UPDATE 2****:

SOPTV’s engineers believe they have identified the problem with SOPTV’s new translator. The ATSC Exciter is not working. Unfortunately, this equipment technology is so new, the manufacturer has no spares and are requiring SOPTV to send the equipment back for repair. This means our signal could be down for another week. (It is also worth noting that hundreds of stations around the country are required to undergo this transition, so the manufacturer is currently at capacity.)

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you again for your patience. The majority of recently-aired PBS shows can be watched, with or without a membership, at

Rescanning may not work at this time, but check back for updates as soon as we get them. This outage affects viewers who get their signal over the air from our Phoenix-Baldy translator. DirecTV also receives their signal from this site and affects our DirecTV viewers. Viewers can watch many of our programs at:



**UPDATE**The installation of the new translator is proving to be problematic. Rescanning may not work at this time, but check back for updates as soon as we get them.


**Original Message**

Attention SOPTV Viewers:

If you live in the Rogue Valley and receive SOPTV over-the-air on channel 42 please be aware that due to a federally mandated translator change SOPTV channel 42 will be moving to channel 34 during the first two weeks of December. This will require that you rescan your TV or set top box after losing the channel 42 signal to acquire your new SOPTV signal on channel 34. It is important to note that some viewers may be receiving their signal from 42, even though it appears they are watching channel 8 due to internal processes on various televisions.

Viewers who watch SOPTV on Charter Cable, Directv, Dish or Ashland Home Network will not be affected.

Information on how to rescan your television can be found HERE.

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