Roseburg Blast – 60 Years Later


Airs Monday, August 5 at 11 p.m., and Wednesday, August 7 at 6 p.m.

Sixty years ago, on a hot late night in August, a delivery truck drives into the sleepy town of Roseburg and parks in the heart of the city awaiting the morning to complete its delivery of six-and-a-half tons of dynamite and blasting agent.

Early the next morning, at 1:14 a.m., August 7, 1959, a small fire breaks out nearby.

Rescue workers, unaware of the truck and its dangerous contents, rush to the scene, only to be among the first victims of a series of terrible explosions.

Before the night is over, 14 people are dead, 125 injured, and everything within a 50-block radius of the explosive-packed truck is in ruins.

The next day, when the firestorm finally dies down, the catastrophe, which became known as “The Blast,” is national news with stories of ordinary people giving everything they had, sometimes even their lives, to save family, friends, and their hometown. A town that had been changed forever.

Tune in for SOPTV’s award winning documentary covering one of the worst disasters in American history to commemorate the 60th anniversary of this catastrophic event.

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