Shetland: Blue Lightning, Parts 1 & 2

Friday, June 1 starting at 9:00 p.m.

Part 1

After visiting scientist Anna Blake is found murdered in her lab, Perez is compelled to return to his childhood home of Fair Isle. The only suspects appear to be Anna’s immediate family and Anna’s fellow scientists. Perez and Tosh arrive just before the flights to and from Fair Isle are grounded, due to storms over Shetland. They will have to work in isolation, without access to a forensic team.

Part 2

As Peter Latimer lies critically ill in hospital, Perez and Tosh examine the remains of the burnt out building. When they discover evidence that Peter was drinking that night, they wonder why he would leave the safety of his room at the Centre to drink alone, outside? When Latimer then dies from his injuries, Perez urges Sandy to find answers as to why Anna and Peter visited Lerwick two weeks before they both died.

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