Reception Issues in the Klamath Falls Region

As of March 2019, SOPTV is currently experiencing weather-related difficulties with our broadcast signal in the Klamath Falls region. We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we are working diligently to resolve the issue. 

YOU CAN HELP! If you are experiencing less than great reception, including pixelation or the slowing down & freezing of the image on the screen, please let us know. The more we know about what viewers are experiencing, the faster our engineers will be able to find the source of the problem. 

To report a reception issue, please go to :

On that form, the more specific you can be, the faster we can address your reception problems.  If possible, please include: 

-Your Location

-The way you receive the signal (Over-the Air, Satellite, Cable, etc.)

-The time you experienced the problem.

-How long you have noticed it

-How would you describe the signal break-up

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