SOPTV-Create is still off the air

“Why is World playing on the Create channel?” you ask. The same power surge that knocked SOPTV off the air last Sunday, also killed the SOPTV-Create receiver. While our engineers are working on the problem it will take time until replacement parts are identified, ordered, shipped, arrived, and installed. Please stand by, and thanks for your patience!

17 Responses to “SOPTV-Create is still off the air”

  1. Michele

    I’m very happy it is coming back, I was worried.

  2. Suzy

    Whew!!! So glad Create will be returning! I enjoy many of the programs!

  3. Venita Caldwell

    I’m happy to see Create will be back. It is my go to channel when all else is wrong

  4. Ron

    Very glad to hear Create T.V. will be back on. My family and I love that channel and have missed it since it has been off air. Thanks.

  5. james

    I like the programming on create better than all other channels. I am glad to hear it will be returning.

  6. Mary Wong

    Just made a small donation to help you get Create back on the air. I am in OR for July and sorely miss the shows on Create!

  7. Nyree

    I can’t wait for it to come back on its what I watch before I go to bed. My family has the TV all day so that’s my time to relax.

  8. Phil Zubrod

    Thanks for the info. I have been calling Charter about Create being off the air. Retired from the IT biz, I can appreciate the work required.
    Get er done. 😉
    Go Ducks!

  9. David

    Ch, 5 and ch, 8. Had good signal all winter in Rocky Point, now that the weather has gotten clear. Fighting with digital stew. What can be done to get better signal ???

  10. Carol Spurling

    Glad to hear Create ch is just off temporary. Was concerned it might be permanent. I like watching it in bed. It the channel I relax with and end the day

  11. Bill

    Eagerly await Create …

  12. Sharon pugh

    I was so worried create was being taken off. Love the cooking shows and so much more!

  13. Bonnie Bakalyar

    Can’t wait till Create is back on air. Very interesting station. Love it.

  14. Jackie

    I love Create and miss it very much. Glad to hear being off the air is just temporary. Hope you get it back on soon. ASAP!

  15. Tammie

    Phew! Love create! Hope it come back soon

  16. Tammie

    Phew! Love create hope it comes back soon. I miss it!


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