SOPTV signal restored to the Klamath Falls region!

Representatives from Pacific Power were finally able to access the site of SOPTV’s tower on Soda Mountain to repair the power lines. SOPTV’s signal is now restored to the Klamath County region. If the signal does not immediately come back, a rescan of your television is recommended.

SOPTV would like to extend our sincere gratitude for everyone’s patience in this matter.

One Response to “SOPTV signal restored to the Klamath Falls region!”

  1. Jeanne Lipton

    Because I view SOPTV by way of antenna, your channels were sorely missed. I had called the Medford Station and was very satisfied with the explanation I received by a very patient person. After I understood the situation, I became more patient waiting for SOP-TV to return. Thank you for all the work you do.


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