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More than 1,800 U.S. Veterans die each and every day. Lost forever are the knowledge, the wisdom, and the truth of their experience.
We hope that SOUTHERN OREGON STORIES OF SERVICE will allow future generations to learn from those who have selflessly served our country.


This ongoing series of half-hour programs will feature local Veterans, from World War II through Afghanistan and Iraq. Each Veteran will tell stories of their service, including enlistment and boot camp, through their deployment, to returning home and after.
Each program features approximately four individual Veterans telling us their stories of service.


Enlistment. In each Vet’s life just before they enlisted or were drafted, what were their dreams and plans? Why and how did they decide to serve our country? What did they imagine their experience in the service would be like?
Boot Camp/Training. What was their first impression of the military? What was the most challenging or difficult thing to adjust to? What was easier then expected? What was their day to day life like?
Deployment. Where and when were they deployed? What is their most memorable day or moment? What is their darkest day or moment? Friendships made and lost?
Returning Home. Tales from when the Vets returned home — What was returning to the “real” world like? How were they greeted? Did they have any specific, unexpected, challenges? What did they miss about being in the military?
After. What is civilian life like now? How did their time in the service change them? If they could go back in time, to before their service, what would they tell their younger selves?

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