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Anime Artist (Central High School)
Season 10, Episode 2

“My big brother was a big influence because he would watch anime and draw the characters. He gave me his sketchbook for my 15th birthday and I started drawing my own anime characters. One day, my brother gave me a tip on how to draw anime hair and I have been using that tip to this day. First year at Crater High School, I was shown additional art techniques and some 3D art. Finally, I mixed my style with what my brother taught me plus all the different techniques I learned in school. When I got to North Medford High School, I was bumped straight into AP Art from my Art 2 class. I’ve participated in the “Best of the Best” art competition for the past 3 years and now, my first art show is April 21 at Life Art.

Some challenges I gave myself was to perfect my way of drawing the eyes and noses to form the kind of face I wanted. Then comes the challenge of finding motivation to come up with and complete the backgrounds. My plan after high school is to go to art school to learn more about art and techniques, then use social media to create exposure for my work. My other interests include astrology, myths, and aliens. The best thing about Central High School, where I am now, is the freedom. Advanced students can suggest ideas for projects to understand the work more. Everyone sits where they like and students work at their own pace. The teachers are helpful and understanding when you need them.”