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Musician/Singer (South Medford High)
Season 10, Episode 3

“Music has always been an important part of my life. My childhood was filled with music, especially because I attended a Waldorf school from the time I was two until 8th grade. This type of education incorporates music and singing into nearly every subject. Further, I was born into a musical, show-biz family, and my parents encouraged me to pursue my musical interests from a young age; I taught myself how to read music and play the piano at about age 6, and joined my first choir in 1st grade. And I never looked back! I’ve continued to sing in choir—I’ve been a part of the Rogue Valley Youth Choruses for nine years, and I began singing with South Medford High’s Chamber Choir as a sophomore—and I’ve pushed myself to sing more solos, competing in the OMEA solo & ensemble competition for the last three years. Last year, I placed fourth in the state in the mezzo-soprano category, and I will be competing in the state competition again this year, singing as a soprano. Moving forward, though I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to study in college, I am certain that music will undoubtedly remain an integral part of my life. “