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Jonathan Connolly

Actor (Fremont Middle School, Roseburg)
Opening Prologue from Shakespeare’s “Henry V”
Season 6, Episode 2
At seven years of age I had my first opportunity to perform on stage in the play, Once Upon a Mattress. Being quite young, I was given a fill-in part of a mime who announced the upcoming scene from a scroll. The experience of performing before a live audience awakened a passion for theater deep within me. I became more and more involved in community theatre, until I could hardly finish one play before finding myself eagerly auditioning for the next! Since that first venture into the theatrical world, I have performed in ten live theater productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Peter Pan, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, and The Music Man. I have performed on five different stages, including the one-thousand-seat proscenium theatre, Jacoby Auditorium at Umpqua Community College.
As a thirteen-year old actor/performer, the future holds an array of opportunity. I aspire to seek involvement in Ashland, Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival through my high school and early college years. My education goals include attendance and graduation from a school of dramatic arts, such as Julliard in New York. I am grateful to have this opportunity, and I am especially thankful to the people who made it possible: the executive director of The Umpqua Actors Community Theatre, Melody Schwegel, who nominated me for Student Showcase; Ken Ellis for guiding and encouraging the development of my talents as well as direction for this featured monologue; and the late Dr. John Unruh for the sponsorship. Thank you, SOPTV, for your support!