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Samantha Shoffner
Singer (Joseph Lane Middle School, Roseburg)
“It’s Only a Paper Moon” by Harold Arlen, Billy Rose, “Yip” Harburg
Season 7, Episode 2

My name is Samantha Shoffner and I’m a middle school student in Roseburg, Oregon. I got my inspiration to sing when I was a little girl, traveling on road trips to California with my dad. We would sing the songs on the radio and I would memorize all of my favorites. One of my first major accomplishments was winning first place in the county fair talent show and going on to compete in the state fair. The hardest part about perfecting my talent is finding time to practice every day. In the future I want to write and perform my own music. Maybe I will get an opportunity to perform on a show like American Idol or X Factor. Other than music, my interests include hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.