Frankly, sometimes, navigating a website can be complicated.

Here, at SOPTV, we rely upon a number of different organizations, for various different roles, to keep the station running – including how we take donations and provide thank-you gifts. We realize that it can be confusing to find your way around, and get the exact gift you’re looking for, so we’ve put together a brief tutorial on how to navigate your way through the process.

Step One: navigate to a donation page.

There are a couple of different ways to make it to a donation page, either by clicking the donate button on the top of each page…
Take Action: Donate button
Or, by clicking the “Sustainer Program” item from our “Support SOPTV” drop-down menu. Either of these choices will take you to a page where you can make a donation, but if you’re looking for a gift, you’re journey doesn’t stop there.
Take Action: Sustainer Program link


Step Two: navigate to the Thank-You gift page.

Here’s where things can get tricky! If you’re looking for a gift, before you fill out any forms, you’ll want to find your way to our SOPTV TV Cart page. From our sustainer page, we’ve provided a prompt to take users to the general donation page:
Take Action: Thank You Gift link - Sustainer page
On the general donation page, another link will take you to our gift cart page:
Take Action: Thank You Gift link - Donate page


Step Three: search for the gift of your choice!

Our Thank-you gift cart is set up like a shopping cart page, with some of our featured gifts listed in a side-scrolling display at the top. However, only a few of the gifts are listed, and you might not see the one you’re looking for. However, about half way down the page is a search bar where you can enter the gift you’re seeking:
Take Action: Search for Gift
There are also dropdown menus to search for gifts by program or category:
Take Action: Gift Page - Dropdown search
Take Action: Gift Page - Dropdown search 2
As well as navigation tabs to help you search through gifts that are listed at the bottom of the page:
Take Action: Gift Page - Navigate Gifts


Step Four: Checkout!

Now that you’ve picked out your gift(s), you’re going to want to head to the checkout page to confirm your selections and make your donations. There are two buttons to reach the checkout page, one below a running total half way down the page, and one large button at the bottom of the page. Both buttons take you to the same place.
Take Action: Gift Page - Checkout

Wait! That wasn’t the right gift!

If you might have picked out the wrong gift, you’ll want to delete it from your cart by clicking the big “X” next to the item. Then you can use the back-navigation in your browser window to return to gift selection, or finish up with the gifts you’ve selected.
Take Action: Checkout - delete item


Step Five: Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you help keep quality programming on the air!

After you fill in your information and made you’re donation, you’re done, and you can go back to enjoying your favorite programs on SOPTV! After all, you earned it, because it’s the support of people like you who keep “TV Worth Watching” on the air!