Thanks to your support, your SOPTV has “the best television, on television”

In May, we asked you for your comments about our schedule of programs, services, and our member service. Of course, you can call us at any time (56% of the survey respondents preferred that method, while 24% preferred email and 8% to send a letter). We appreciate your comments and support of SOPTV!

I like to report on the annual survey results so you can see that we act on your comments and suggestions. So on to the results of the 2017 survey:

Favorite program types were quite varied with Documentaries taking top honors (14%) followed closely by Mysteries and Science programming (tied at 13%), and in this last election year, news programs were 12%.

Favorite Oregon programs include Oregon Field Guide (23%), Oregon Experience (18%), Oregon Art Beat (16%), Immense Possibilities (9%), and Student
Showcase (5%).

When asked about your reason for becoming an SOPTV member, 75% of the response was to support programming! Others mentioned SOPTV as a cultural resource (9%) and as an informational resource (8%). I’ll have more to report in September’s column.

Over the last nine months, we moved to a new membership system designed specifically for public television and radio stations because our software was over 20 years old and no longer supported (the company went out of business). Like all data conversions, there are challenges and a steep learning curve. This would have been a big undertaking for SOPTV; however, we are benefitting from an economy of scale by joining with a group of stations who collectively are working with a subsidiary of WGBH in Boston.

We are not sharing your information or donor file with others, and all fundraising solicitation is for the benefit of SOPTV. You can count on us to protect your privacy. This change should not impact you, but if you have any questions about your SOPTV membership, please call (or write) us.

Many thanks for your patience at the end of June when SOPTV was hit with a massive electrical surge that knocked us completely off the air for nearly three days! Our technical center’s electrical system was essentially devastated (“fried”) and we had to completely replace our back-up power system. We also lost an encoder, which enables us to broadcast SOPTV-Create.

Your support of SOPTV not only enables us to provide “the best television, on television” but also enables us to replace equipment so we can continue to serve you. Many thanks for your support!

Mark Stanislawski
President & CEO

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