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Many thanks for your loyal and continued support of SOPTV.  As we begin March, we’re reminded that spring is soon upon us. It’s an important time for SOPTV because nearly 40 percent of our membership is up for renewal over the next two months. So our success with the March pledge drive and your response to renewal mailings makes a real difference in how we finish our fiscal year, which ends on June 30th.


Super Bowl XLVIII set a new record for viewership with over 111.5 million viewers in U.S. households. Typically the program following the Super Bowl benefits significantly in audience “flow.”

Last year Downton Abbey was the second most-watched program on the biggest night for television with 8.8 million viewers. This year, once again Downton Abbey finished second on the most viewed night of television, this time with 6.2 million viewers watching in real time. That’s pretty remarkable given the football game was still on in the eastern time zone where most U.S. TV households are located. While the real-time audience figure was down from 2013, it is still significant considering the ever-increasing number of viewers who “time shift” programming for viewing at another time.

Just prior to the game, the industry publication Advertising Age reported a 30-second spot during the game cost reportedly $4 million! That’s more money than the annual cost to operate SOPTV!

It takes close to $2 million a year to operate SOPTV and its three, 24/7 television services in southern Oregon: SOPTV-PBS, SOPTV-World, and SOPTV-Create. (If you haven’t seen “World” or “Create” click here to see how to receive them.) When you factor in local productions, it requires even more funds. So when you compare a 30-second commercial to a year of SOPTV, we’re an extremely efficient and effective operation… and a terrific value!

And, that’s why your membership makes such a difference at SOPTV.

In gratitude,

Mark Stanislawski

President & CEO


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