Become an SOPTV  PBS Business Partner


Is your business interested in making a difference in southern Oregon and northern California? Become an SOPTV Business Partner Sponsor and tap the marketing power of public media.

When you underwrite Southern Oregon Public Television programs, you’ll have the daily opportunity to tell more than 185,000 households – people who are successful, educated, and active in our community – that you value programming that teaches, inspires, and broadens horizons, as well as entertains.


Why Partner with SOPTV?

SOPTV sponsorship opportunities deliver your message to a large, highly desirable audience — an audience that is more likely to support you because you support us.

• Connect to an engaged and influential audience

• Deliver your message throughout southern Oregon and northern California

• Stand out in a clutter-free environment

• Increase customer loyalty

• Enhance your company’s image

• Receive customized service

• Access exclusive Business Partner benefits


Who to Contact for More Information

SOPTV Corporate Support Manager

Robert Mead


 What Our Business Partners Say


We would rather support our local public broadcast station — the station that we watch. We find that we have more in common with our customers who also watch SOPTV. Our customers also appreciate the fact that we support SOPTV. It’s the right thing to do.

Dale Porter


We were excited to sign up as SOPTV sponsors because we felt that our advertising dollars would have a double punch; getting our name out to the appropriate demographic while supporting a worthwhile cause. We were indeed doubly excited when customers came in saying thank you for supporting their favorite programs. They’ve come from as far as Brookings and Roseburg to mention that’s how they heard about us.

— Karen Hanken


I am very happy to say that the advertising we are doing with Robert Mead with SOPTV is very beneficial to our store. Robert tailored a custom advertisement vehicle especially designed for our store that we feel really fit our television advertising needs. We have many customers every week comment on seeing our ads on SOPTV and respond very positively. 

— Eric Chaddock

SHOP ’N KART, Ashland


Ed’s Tire Factory, as well as me personally, have been sponsors of Public Television for more than 30 years. I like the programming and also feel it is a great advertising venue. I like the educational programs. I also like the special music programs during fundraising. I do appreciate hearing customers say “thank you for supporting Public TV.”  I hear it on a regular basis. SOPTV has served this community well for many years. 

— Ed Miller



In times of great change, our ways of learning and living and advertising become of greater value to all of us. SOPTV creates advertising at its highest standards. This is where you can see the world today. It’s advertising for change and at its best. SOPTV has purpose and Rogue Valley Furniture supports this standard of reaching the community. Thank you for letting me share this…I am inspired and proud to partnership with SOPTV.

— Linda Long


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