Video Graphics Internship

Onsite Supervisor & Contact

Production Manager, 

541-779-0808 x245

Students who may be interested in this internship include those with majors/minors in media studies, graphic design, and television production.
The intern will have completed entry level courses in TV production using graphics and design software, including Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut, or Premiere before beginning their Southern Oregon Public Television internship.

The video graphics internship will enhance the student’s use of design software (including but not limited to Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut, or Premiere) in a real working environment, while dealing with actual projects that will air on public television for local underwriters, internal promotions, and station identification.

Projects will vary depending on station needs, but will give students hands-on experience in a production environment. Interns will learn “best practices” and professional tips for polished productions. Students will be able to build a professional portfolio of work samples.

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