We Love Our Volunteers


Have fun and support your public television station!

Southern Oregon Public Television is looking for volunteers to help with several new programs. In addition to being a fun and enriching experience, volunteering at SOPTV gives you a complimentary one-year SOPTV membership. As an SOPTV member, you’ll receive 12 issues of Inside SOPTV, our monthly program guide. If you already have an SOPTV membership, we invite you to pass your viewer’s guide along to a friend or family member.

Opportunities for volunteers:

Event Planning and Support

Get involved by organizing parties — big parties, little parties, parties for kids and for adults. If you like people and planning and know the community, become a part of the SOPTV Event Planning and Support team.

Thank You Caller

Volunteers are also needed for monthly Thank You Calls! You’ll phone our newest members and thank them for their support of public television. This is an opportunity to find out what viewers love about Southern Oregon Public Television! If you like to make people feel good, enjoy talking with people on the phone, and have about five daytime hours a month, please consider helping with SOPTV Thank You Calls.

Pledge Phone Bank

Pledge Phone Bank volunteers staff phones during the quarterly pledge drives and talk with new and continuing members of Southern Oregon Public Television.

Pledge Production Crew

SOPTV is always interested in volunteers to crew pledge shows. Positions include camera, sound, floor director, and technical directing. Television production experience is preferred.

Get More Information

To find out more about volunteer opportunities at Southern Oregon Public Television, contact Member Help-desk at 541-779-0808 ext.241.