Annual Audit Results

Thanks to your support, SOPTV brings you “the best television, on television.” We appreciate your ongoing support, which gives SOPTV the resources to purchase programming from PBS and other distributors and to maintain our extensive network of translators throughout Southern Oregon and Siskiyou County in California. Last month, the SOPTV Board of Directors approved the Annual Audit for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018

Individual Contributions $936,459 $746,173
Grants 46,871 29,270
National & Local Business Support 285,111 350,169
Community Service Grant from CPB 795,327 846,239
In-Kind & Donated Support 50,032 51,618
Other 143,873 35,876
Net assets released from restrictions 0 21,075
Total Sources $2,257,673 $2,080,420
Programming Services & Production 1,020,368 $1,042,781
Technology & Broadcast Operations 193,408 155,982
Development 455,597 438,452
Administration & General 474,185 470,920
Total Functional Expenses with Depreciation $2,143,558 $2,108,135
Net Income $114,115 ($27,715)

Membership contributions increased by 25% and Grants increased by 60%, which will increase our Community Service Grant in FY ’19. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) provides a base grant to all stations and rewards stations that raise funds in their local service area. We are very thankful for your support.

You will notice our National and Local Business Support declined by nearly 20% due in part to the conclusion of fundraising for Sight: The Story of Vision, which played on most PBS stations two years ago. And, we nearly met our depreciation goal! You may recall that in July we experienced a devastating power surge, which knocked us off the air for half a day and limited our ability to provide all three channels of service.

Local programming had another good year with our tribute to local veterans on My Story of Service, six Student Showcases, The Jeffersonian (our partnership with SOU students), and Immense Possibilities, which reaches a national audience.

Many thanks again,

Mark Stanislawski President & CEO

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