SOPTV Teacher Community Program


Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV) has launched an initiative called the PBS Teacher Community Program. This program aims to create opportunities for PreK-12 teachers in rural or high needs communities, so they may improve their teaching practice; learn from teachers locally, and across the country through sharing their brilliant lessons with other educators via; and finally to strengthen the relationship between local teachers, students, and their local public television station. SOPTV has hired Ben Garcia to be the region’s Teacher Ambassador. His support, advocacy, and mentoring of teachers is free, like most PBS Education products. SOPTV is proud to help our hometown heroes: local teachers!

SOPTV’s iteration of the Teacher Community Program will work directly with school districts and educators to create experiences for teachers that include:

  • Professional development on topics of most interest and need
  • Meet-ups, community or station events, and social media groups to connect and collaborate
  • Training on, which provides access to countless standards based lesson plans, videos and other media tools, also also other digital tools teachers use
  • Virtual field trips, webinars and workshops offered by SOPTV or PBS
  • Personal support during prep periods, after school, or on weekends

Get Involved

To learn more about the PBS Teacher Community Program and how you can participate, or support it, please contact:

Ben Garcia
SOPTV Teacher Ambassador
PBS Teacher Community Program