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Immense Possibilities pulls together the work of host Jeff Golden and other social inventors who share a clear set of beliefs, values, and goals in a weekly public TV visit with guests whose social creations are building vibrant communities. They’re solving challenges that the old systems can’t. They’re infusing others with realistic hope and inviting them to come alive.

With the new year comes a brand new season of Immense Possibilities, and the show’s title has never felt more appropriate. You’ll immediately notice the program’s fresh and vibrant new look. You’ll see us taking a big step towards a vision IP’s held from the beginning: to bring together passionate, creative people from different generations who share a determination to make their communities strong and healthy. That will be one result of our newly formed collaboration with Southern Oregon University, as talented students help us identify immense possibilities and turn them into brand new episodes.


Generosity’s Rewards

Why do we give? Generosity is the lifeblood of strong community, but its satisfaction can be hard to express. We move towards the heart of the matter with a look at Sparrow Clubs where children rally around their peers in need, a visit with the Center for a New American Dream, and an update conversation with Frances Moore Lappe, whose work helped inspire the founding of Immense Possibilities.

Here Comes the Sun

What’s going on with solar energy? More technical advances, broader access, and affordable options than you probably think. Local and national leaders trace the movement of solar from the edges to the center of our overall energy picture. Plus an update from the Jackson County Fuel Committee.


A Home of Their Own

An elegantly productive partnership arises between groups like Habitat for Humanity that help people build and own their own homes, and job training organizations like Youthbuild and the Job Corps. Results include the first quality housing some families have ever had, a pathway to quality jobs for disadvantaged young adults and remarkable volunteer opportunities. Plus, an update on the Maslow Project.

Caring for Friends of Other Species

Meet the people who find their way to community connection through their love and compassion for animals. We talk to singularly devoted professionals and volunteers behind Friends of the Animal Shelter, Dogs for the Deaf and Autism Service Dogs of America. Plus an update on Sanctuary One care farm.

Food, Kids & Angels

Food Angels is a wildly resourceful group of volunteers that diverts nutritious surplus food that’s probably headed for the landfill to families who would otherwise go hungry. Plus, a program for connecting kids to the source of healthy food, launching them into a life of conscientious, wholesome eating, and recruiting school cafeterias as key allies for establishing healthy habits.

Stirring & Cultivating Citizen Power

We hear all the time about the importance of active civic and community engagement and we meet plenty of people who think they don’t have the time or patience for it. Why? And what actually works to get and keep people engaged? We meet activists of very different ages with some great answers.

Lighting Up the Senior Years

If forgetting a name or date or your car keys has you worried about inevitable declines in memory and mental vitality, this episode is for you. Some well-designed and enjoyable programs – service-based, recreational and educational – are carrying people to very advanced ages with very sharp and capable minds.


Extending Our Way Toward Self-Sufficiency

An old established institution survives in just about every county, bolstered by a wide range of volunteers, offering both adults and kids the tools to extend their capacity for healthy, more self-sufficient lives. It’s a coincidence that they’re called Agriculture Extension Services.

The STEM Girls: Melting the Barriers

Millions of girls are raised to believe they have no aptitude and little chance for success in the STEM disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But their thinking is changing, thanks to the professional role models and volunteers determined to encourage them to dream big and then make their dreams real.

The World Is Still Our Community

Every community has a few individuals called to take global challenges head-on, without constant reflection on whether or not they are making much of a difference. It becomes compellingly clear, in a way that inspires those of us learning of their work, that they are. Himalayan Cataract Project, Honduran Accompaniment Project and Eyes to Burma are featured projects.

More Youth Take the Reins

The Green Fund, Rogue Climate and Surfing for Change are three groups that aim to change the world. The torch is passing. It’s not that the projects imagined and implemented by activists in their twenties and younger “might” change the world. They’re doing it, right now, in fundamental ways that inspire realistic hope for what the future holds.

Safer Communities for Women

Violence against women is a blight on our communities that swells in economically rough times. Volunteers and professionals are coming together to change attitudes, norms and social expectations so that every woman has reason to feel safer in her day-to-day life. Guests include Women’s Crisis Support Team, Community Works and Jackson Katz.

Boosting the School Experience

“Get America Singing Again,” Friends of Children and School on Wheels are three programs where people who care deeply about kids are finding more and more creative ways to fill the gaps in today’s public school offerings The difference they make can’t be overstated.  PLUS: As the 2014 Ashland Independent Film Festival opens, an update on how Film Festivals build communities.


What Nature Teaches Kids

Using the transformational power of lessons from the outdoors, Coyote Trails is one of a growing number of programs that are turning to the rhythms and patterns of the natural world to offer children deeply formative and centering experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

Doing Well by Doing Good

A new business classification is spreading across the country — most recently in the state of Oregon — that gives a legal structure to the notion of doing well by doing good. Benefit Corporations (or “Companies” in Oregon) formalize their owners’ commitment to add social and environmental imperatives to the economic bottom line that legally drives traditional corporations.

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