The Jeffersonian is a magazine-style television program that captures the multi-faceted blend of people, places and activities that comprise the unique vibe of life in the Northern Siskiyou Mountains and Rogue River Valley of Oregon and California. Watch the most recent episodes below.


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Life on the Margins (Episode 6)

Take a look at members of our community that do not typically receive much attention from media outlets. This episode is split into two short films: “Remembrance” is about a pair of veterans finding ways to join their community, in spite of barriers created by their wartime injuries. “Here, We Are” tells a story of two aging artists, sustained through hard times by their passion for creativity and each other.




A State of Mystery (Episode 5)
Explore the mysteries of Bigfoot, Lemurian legends of Mt. Shasta, and the haunting of the Plunkett center found on SOU’s campus.

A Budding New Industry (Episode 4)
The budding new cannabis industry in southern Oregon has taken this drug out of the shady, criminal, and stoner worlds of the recent past into a legitimate medical, business, and recreational industry. This episode looks at the current laws governing the use of marijuana and explores the science behind cannabis and its medical and psychoactive properties.


Take 3 (Episode 3)
Focus on the rich cinematic history, the status of the current industry, and the future of film in the state of Jefferson. A preview of some of the most famous Hollywood movies shot in the area over the last 100 years. Explores the recent boom in the production of local independent films and film festivals and their impact on the local economy, environment and society. Finally a look at the future of filmmaking – the effect of technology and social media and what influences new means of production and distribution will have on the film and new media industries in the State of Jefferson.


On the Trail (Episode 2)
Learn where we’ve been on the trails in the State of Jefferson, and where we may be going.


Jeffersonian Harvest (Episode 1)
Enjoy this savory portrait of local food culture with a look at Southern Oregon’s internationally recognized wine industry, the heated dispute over the use of GMOs, and the ingenuity behind the processing of mouthwatering local edibles.