Jennifer Bavarskas and the Create Cooking Challenge

Earlier this year, Jennifer Bavarskas, one of SOPTV’s viewers, entered the Create Cooking Challenge, and while she didn’t win, she did learn from the experience! We invited Jennifer to share some of her thoughts about the process, which we’re happy to share here:

My entry in the Create TV Cooking Competition is a short lesson in knowing your software. I had a good recipe and I knew how to prepare it. I had also shot other films using this software, so I thought I was safe. However, I hadn’t planned on technical errors.

The biggest problem that I faced when I entered the cooking contest was time. I was working with a new camera and using very old editing software. I don’t think the two worked well together and my clips, which ran somewhat smoothly in my computer, seemed rushed when I uploaded the final project to You Tube.

So, if I had any advice for future applicants it would be; be familiar with your technical equipment. This will save time and effort in the long run and you will be able to polish your project. As my entry stands now, I think I really just uploaded my best draft of it, rather than turning in a smoothly edited final product.

Thanks for your advice and thoughts, Jennifer, and great job!

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