In honor of Veterans Day, SOPTV produced a local discussion program, Local Focus: Families at War, to explore military families’ sacrifices. The program broadcast on Monday, November 14 at 9 p.m. On Saturday, November 19 at 7:30 p.m., SOPTV will air the national documentary, While Time Stands Still.

wtss-posterWhile Time Stands Still is a gripping documentary about the effects of war on the families of service members who have been deployed. Filmmaker Elena Miliaresis recounts her own experience in the project as she follows two Military Wives. In the film, Brandi Albritton is a twenty-four-year-old mom of two toddlers, facing her husband Aaron’s second deployment in less than two years. Denneny Cochran is a spunky redhead, saying goodbye to her husband Jordan for the first time.

The documentary film speaks from the perspective of military families who are often overlooked while they and their deployed family members serve our country. The families suffer from profound loss while they carry the deep stress of separation and the fear they may never see their families and partners again. To learn more about the documentary While Time Stands Still, visit

In Local Focus: Families at War, host Julie Akins discussed the problems local military families face with documentary filmmaker Elena Miliaresis. Akins also talked with several local families who have experienced active duty firsthand and the stresses of having a family member far away while life goes on day in and day out thousands of miles from the battlefield.

The goal is to understand the issues brought up in the documentary from the perspective of local families who have gone through periods of deployment and separation outside the support of a military base. Local Focus explored the nature of that separation and what families need in terms of support.

The conversation focused on the most difficult elements of having a family member or partner deployed far away. What kinds of problems do families have to deal with by themselves? How does a deployment affect children and spousal relationships? How do they recover after deployment, and what resources are available before, during, and after active duty? In the end, the goal is for community members to become aware and learn how they can be helpful.