More than 1,800 U.S. Veterans die each and every day. Lost forever are the knowledge, the wisdom, and the truth of their experience. We hope that this series, MY STORY OF SERVICE,  allows current and future generations to learn from those who have selflessly served our country.

This first series of eight half-hour programs features local Veterans, from World War II through Iraq and Afghanistan. Each Veteran tells personal stories of their service. Coming from a variety of wars, branches of service, and experiences, they relate a few humorous stories and little known facts about interesting historical moments to describing the memories and sometimes demons that haunt them. Watch all eight programs further down on this page. If you would like to help us create future episodes of My Story of Service, please call us at 541-779-0808.

Story Segments

Each program features from one to two individual Veterans telling us about their service experience, from enlistment to deployment and back home again.It has been our honor to talk with the Veterans who came and shared their stories. We all have a greater appreciation of what they went through and the service and sacrifices they made for our country.


Through their generous sponsorship support, these companies have brought the first 14 stories of local veterans to you. Please let these sponsors know how much you appreciate the programs. If you would like to become a major funder of future episodes of My Story of Service and receive on-air recognition, please contact Robert Mead at 541-779-5653.

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Episode 1. Jon Roeder of Medford and Paul Hanson of Klamath Falls share stories from their time serving in the Army and Air Force during Desert Storm and Vietnam, including Jon’s story of being part of the first tanker division into Iraq and his struggles with PTSD. Paul describes his K-9 partner and Thanksgiving away from home.


Episode 2. Frank Hernandez and Ed Hawkins of Medford share stories from their time serving in the Army and Navy during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Hear about Frank being captured after D-day, and Ed’s escape from capture in the Pacific and lifesaving surgery at sea.


Episode 3. Carl Miller of Medford and Steve Harper of Klamath Falls share stories from their time serving in the Navy and Air Force during World War II and Vietnam. Carl discusses surviving a Kamikaze attack and witnessing the treaty signing. Steve describes saving an embattled ground force from the air.


Episode 4. Rick Hazen of Medford shares stories from his time serving in the Army during Vietnam as a draftee. Learn about life on jungle patrol, witnessing a mistaken napalm drop on fellow soldiers, his injuries in a firefight at LZ-Swift, his struggles with PTSD, and his road to finding peace.


Episode 5. Paul Robino and Daniel Pinkham, both of Medford, share stories from their time serving in the Air Force and Army during Korea and Vietnam. Paul survived an air crash at sea and escaped from his sinking plane, and Daniel describes witnessing the deaths of civilians after answering JFK’s call to serve.


Episode 6. Bill Ritch of Ashland and Frank McMillan of Medford share stories from their time serving in the Army and Navy during their tours in Korea and Vietnam. Hear about life on jungle patrol and the loss of fellow soldiers from Bill, and how Frank’s submarine nearly sank.


Episode 7. Jeff Tabler of Medford and Herm Yates of Central Point share stories from their time serving in the Army during Vietnam and World War II. Jeff discovered a spy in the ranks and was exposed to Agent Orange. Herm worked in reconnaisance in France.


Episode 8. Steven Buckalew of Klamath Falls shares stories from his time serving in the Marines in Iraq. He describes the physical and mental challenges of becoming a Marine, surviving an IED explosion, being “a bullet sponge” for the engineers who were trying to re-build the country, and his struggles with a traumatic head injury.

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