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14 Responses to “Report a Reception Issue”

  1. Raelene Thomas

    SOPTV subscriber, use antenna. Did recent storm knock out King Mountain transmitter? Reception gone today.

    • lpinkham

      Yes, we have a reported power outage on King Mountain, and the generator did not start. Our engineer is traveling with the KOBI crew to check on it.

  2. John McDougall

    All three Southern Oregon public TV channels have been black for two days.
    Que pasa? What’s wrong? We miss you.

  3. Adam Bednar

    All three channels seem to be down. Pretty sure we had reception last night at bedtime. Now it’s not even trying to find the channels and in fact it deleted them off my TV. Is something broken again?

  4. Markmx

    Sunday August 20 2017 1044 am, there is no soptv (all 3 channels) over antenna…

  5. Wendy Welborn

    All 3 channels are not found. Perhaps the fire has burned the towers?

  6. Margaret

    no reception today for all 3 channels? smoke related? first time for us. located in center of Medford?

  7. Tom Ommen

    We lost reception yesterday on all your stations. We are in Jacksonville.

  8. Al Guenther

    I have a strong signal for the 3 k19HS translator channels but my Tivo tuners complain of no signal. I know the local Cable TV has a “feed” but not sure where it’s from.
    How about some feedback from SopTv PLEASE!

    • lpinkham

      Some viewers in Grants Pass cannot receive our signal because we believe our Gold Hill translator is down, and it relays our signal to those folks in Grants Pass who can’t see our King Mountain Transmitter. The cable channel, however, receives our signal directly from a fiber connection instead of a broadcast signal so cable viewers are still getting our channel. Once we identify what the problem is with our translator and can project the repair date, we will post information on the web site.

  9. kim bradley

    I live in Lakeview Oregon. Live in town, upstairs apt.
    Have been using indoor antenna only, for a year. About 2 weeks ago channel 43 (ABC) says no signal. All other channels still work.

    • David Daniels

      Hi Kim,

      Unfortunately, SOPTV can’t fix the reception issues of other channels. While we’d love to help, it would be up to the local ABC affiliate to address with problems with their translators.

  10. Dave handel

    Was getting all pbs channels fine till about 3 weeks ago now all channels won’t come in have no signal strength what’s the deal it’s with all tvs in house


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