Thanks to You, SOPTV Is Here to Serve

Strong community support combined with careful fiscal management has enabled SOPTV to meet its obligations and keep pace with the rapidly evolving media environment. We closed out our 2013 fiscal year last June 30 and recently completed our annual audit. Our program services are supported by three primary sources: viewers like you, local businesses, and federal Community Service Grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). SOPTV also seeks grants from area foundations and support from individuals and local businesses to help fund our local programs. Local production is very expensive when compared to the cost of licensing programs as part of the PBS “group buy.” But it’s the local programming that reflects the character of our region and makes SOPTV more responsive to you and the community.

Membership Contributions $688,985 $642,046
Community Service Grants from CPB 695,673 723,377
Local Business Support 202,873 189,342
In-Kind & Donated Services 60,459 119,117
Production & Capital Equipment Grants 124,192 418,971
Other 23,371 27,266
Total Sources  $1,795,553 $2,120,119
Programming Services & Production $796,170 $1,134,898
Broadcast Operations 217,590 200,385
Support & General Services 914,591 754,106
Total Expenses with Depreciation $1,928,351 $2,089,389
Operating Excess/Deficit ($132,798) $30,730
Less Equipment Depreciation $206,251 $199,254
Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation & Amortization (EBITDA) $73,453 $229,984


While our overall results didn’t match FY 2012’s performance, we did increase our individual and business support, which offset the reduction of federal support due to sequestration. We also experienced an increase in contract labor and made technical investments to improve our service to you. Based on these factors we were unable to fully cover our depreciation. Only 10% of public television stations can finance their depreciation. We were able to do so in FY 2012, but we could only do a share in 2013. Broadcasting is very capital intensive and equipment replacement is looming in our future because our digital master control equipment is 11 years old. Complicating matters there is no longer a federal funding source for equipment replacement.

Looking ahead, with your help and support from others who treasure programming on SOPTV, we will continue to be the one station in a sea of channels that has television worth watching. Thank you for the work we do together.

Mark Stanislawski

President & CEO

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